Silent Auction for the Roof Fund, 17th July 2015 7pm

Some offers have come in, but we need many more. If you can help, we need your pledge of a gift or

talent by 20th May. Please fill in the form on the table in the vestibule, and give to Sandra.

Some examples already pledged: 2 nights B, B & E M for 2 near Durham; Afternoon tea for 2 at

Dobbies Garden Centre; Trip to Darfield Museum for 2; 2 tickets for a Christmas Concert at Rotherham

Civic Theatre; Afternoon Tea for 2 at Deer Park Farm in Wentworth; Offer of gardening

Have you a talent you could offer?

Items already promised for the auction: Jewellery box; Picnic hamper

What you don’t want someone else may! Please search around!

All pledges will appear on a list before the event and anybody can make a sealed bid, to be opened at

the end of the auction, but we would much prefer you to join us on the night to place your bids and to

help make it a fun event. Thank you. Roy


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