Street Pastors Update!

Rotherham Street Pastors continues to have a major impact on the streets of Rotherham every Friday night between the hours of 10pm. and 4.00am.

In addition we are now operating on Saturday nights once every month. Although a number of “Pastors” have moved on after 2 or more years of commitment, we continue to train-up new “Pastors” to take the project forward. We also are blessed by the wide involvement of different denominations from across Rotherham. Not only in terms of providing new “Pastors”, but also keeping us on their prayer lists.

As is always the case, we rely for our finances on the donations of supporters, and would welcome any donations or regular gifts.
We continue to work closely with the Police and Local Authorities, who also give us support and welcome our presence on the streets.
finally many young people have positively benefitted from our involvement and now accept us as part of “the scene”.

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