Empty Cross – Empty Tomb

That’s what Christians throughout the world celebrate at Easter.There is power in the Cross of Jesus – for it was there He gave His life – body broken and bruised, beaten and scorned – at the end taken down and placed in a tomb-grave, like many another.  Cross left EMPTY
And yet – and yet – on that first Easter morning – when His friends came to mourn, as all humans do, they were astonished that the Tomb was EMPTY
Jesus is Risen from the Dead – that’s what Easter is about.Not Easter eggs or bunnies – or fancy hats – but all about JESUS.
This Easter is different for all of us – isolated – separated from all that makes our lives “normal”.  But it could, just, be the best Easter we have ever known.  
We are often so caught up with the traditions that we give little time or thought to what life really is about.
For me, as a Christian, life has meaning and purpose BECAUSE OF JESUS
Why not open your heart and life to Him during these difficult times ?I promise you that you will be blessed more than you could ever imagine and your future will be so much more joyful and peaceful.

May God bless you, Barbara Savage

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