Come and share our Holy Spirit Weekend!

The Holy Spirit is the life-force of
the church, without whom we
cannot hope to be the genuine
article – the Church of Christ. If,
however, we live life in the Spirit we
can become what God has called us
to be. When the Spirit of God
moves in his people amazing
things happen. This is not
something that is the preserve of a
select few, God has promised to
pour out his Spirit on all who will
receive it, so this is something that
is for all of us.
The timetable (opposite) might look
a little daunting but I believe that
the experience of us being together
to learn more of what it means to
live life in the Spirit will be very
exciting and stimulating. So please
come to as much of the weekend as
you are able.
So this weekend is for all of us who
wish to see our church come alive
like never before as God pours out
his Holy Spirit upon us in a new

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