Clifton Teaching and Discipleship Programme

Clifton Teaching and Discipleship Programme

Nehemiah led by Revd. Karen Beecham

Wednesday Evenings at the Methodist Church, Clifton 7-00 for 7-


(refreshments available)

January 7th : When challenges hit us – how to cope when the bad times

happen (Nehemiah 1-2)

January 14th : Keeping momentum–how do we keep the momentum in

our faith? (Nehemiah 4)

January 21st : Combating conspiracy – how can we keep going when

others are pulling us down (Nehemiah 6)

January 28th : Brokenness, confession and forgiveness – how can we be

whole people (Nehemiah 9)

February 4th : It’s time to worship – how can we worship 24/7 in our

modern world (Nehemiah 12)

All are welcome. It may help to read the relevant chapters beforehand,

and if possible, the whole of Nehemiah.


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